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Russell Gooch, CPT, GPTS, CLC, BSIT

CEO, Owner

Russell Gooch, Nationally Accredited, National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Fitness Specialist, Certified Life Coach, & Triathlete, knows what it takes to rapidly improve your health, fitness, & physical appearance. It is Russell Gooch's mission not only to get you in shape, but show you how to stay that way!

Russell Gooch has been an athlete all of his life, participating in organized sports since Russell Gooch was at the young age of 6. Being part of organized programs and sports growing up, Russell Gooch, began strength training, and conditioning at a very early age. Russell Gooch learned the basics of setting short and long term achievable goals, importance of nutrition with high quality foods and supplements to maintain excellent health, achieve optimal fat-loss while training, and the importance of high quality foods that are required for fuel so your body can achieve its optimal performance.

Fitness & health is Russell Gooch's main goal in life... If you are seeking assistance in personal training, looking to achieve certain fitness goals, have hit the dreaded plateau in your current fitness routine, or just seeking a different perspective to reach all the fitness goals you have always dreamed of... Russell Gooch can help!!

  • Expert at Nutritional guidelines and quality weight loss.
  • 1 on 1 Personal Training Sessions
  • Group Fitness High Intensity Interval Training Specialist
  • Endurance, Marathon, & Triathlon Training
  • Variety of fitness activities to STAY MOTIVATED!!!
  • Strength, Endurance Training with Nutritional Instruction & Guidelines
  • Advocare Advisor ~ MAKE MONEY LOSING WEIGHT...I will show you how!!!

My Achievements

Russell Gooch spent 7 years in the medical field, and 3 years working as a motivational ~ life ~ recovery coach instructing & influencing young men and woman to make changes to their lives ultimately turning their lives around. Russell Gooch earned a Degree as a Registered Nurse in 2000, obtained his certificate as a Certified Personal Trainer in January 2014, a certificate as a Certified Group Fitness Specialist in 2015, and has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – Software Engineering. Russell is also a Certified Life Coach. Russell is to begin working towards a MBA in Fall 2016.

My Skills

Russell has been doing Personal Training, 1 on 1 and in Groups for many years. He has been a Certified Life Coach helping young men and woman achieve personal goals. Russell has worked on many software development projects during his studies at Southeastern Louisiana University, and Russell currently works as a Software Engineer on personal projects.

ASP.NET MVC / Enity Framework / MS SQLServer

Bachelor of Science Information Technology / Software Engineering

Web Development / JavaScript / JQuery / HTML5 / CSS3


Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Group Fitness Specialist

Certified Life Coach

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